Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Girl Can Eat!

This is how Josie eats her chips!

Josie Princess

One night after we had eaten we had told the girls to go brush their teeth.  They were gone for awhile, but we were just trying to get the kitchen cleaned and they weren't fighting so we just let them be.

They came in a little while later Delphia came in and pretty much announced Princess Josie was coming in.  Josie was thrilled to be in the princess stuff and have Delphia being nice to her.  We had to take pictures!

Phia Does Hair...

Josie's hair really was done all cute until she took a nap and then Phia decided she was going to do it.
Delphia was so proud and wanted her to wear it to Grandma and Grandpa Freemans that night.

Josie Wild One

Josie loves to play and be wild and just have fun.  It doesn't take much and she can be in a world of her own.  Delphia got some paper dolls with removable accessories and had been playing with them at the table and left them where Josie could get them.  Next thing I know, I hear Josie saying, "Look my glasses!"  I looked at her and just had to laugh because she just looked silly!

She also loves to play dress-up, but unlike Delphia doesn't care if the top and bottom go together or if she has a shirt on as a skirt.  She is always telling me, "Mom, look me.  I a princess!"

She was apparently worn out one day.  It was just about time to go get Delphia when she told me she was tired and went and laid at the bottom of the stairs and fell asleep!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Petunia & Sugar

Delphia loves to pretend she is a kitty cat and lately Josie has gotten into it with her. My mom started calling Delphia Petunia and she thought of Sugar for Josie's kitty name. Delphia even calls Josie Sugar when they aren't pretnding to be kittens.

I absolutely love these girls! Yes we have our moments and sometimes we even have our days. They bring so much happiness and fun into our home.

Tuesday Shane had to work early and we were ready early also so I got a couple pictures of the girls!

When I tell Josie to smile, she pulls this face!

Then Delphia decided she need to copy her....

More faces....

Finally a good one!

Josie is so full of spunk and she never stops moving. She likes to do whatever her sister is doing and gets upset when we won't let her. She is into the world of make believe and loves to pretend with her sister. She loves treats and think that she can have a treat whenever she wants and tries to help herself to the candy in the pantry. She is a sweetie but she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. She loves to sing and loves to sit on my lap when Delphia is doing preschool and sings some of the preschool songs. She loves to climb and she loves to fall asleep while she is playing. She loves anything Elmo or Abby from Sesame Street. We love her spunkiness!

Delphia is my cuddlebug and she loves to be held, comforted and loved all the time. She has a vivid imagination and is very busy but know what is okay and what is not okay. She loves to learn and loves sitting down each night to do her reading. She is very strongwilled and not afraid to give you her opinion. She loves primary and singing the primary songs. She loves to dance and have other peoples attention. Delphia is full of questions about Christmas and Santa and how everything works. She is growing up so fast and learning so much. We love her creativity and fun personality!

Dress Up

This little girl loves to play dress up. She will play by herself or with Delphia. She doesn't always get the clothes on the way they are supposed to go but she has fun nonetheless.

She has a certain fondness for the Potatohead glasses even though they don't fit her face the way they should!

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween Josie was a butterfly and Delphia was going to be an elephant until 2 weeks or so before when she decided she wanted to be Cinderella. I found her a dress at Kid to Kid and fixed it so that it would fit her and made her "glass" slippers.

She actually wore her costume 5 or 6 different times in about a week. She wore it to preschool on Friday, dance on Wednesday, the ward Halloween party, the Freeman party, Halloween and to the Eagle Mountain Trick-or-Treat. I was never so relieved when we were done and I no longer had to get her hair up into a Cinderella style. Although Shane and I got pretty good at doing it towards the end.

The Freeman Party

Josie and Delphia on a bench during the Freeman party

Halloween night

What an Artist!

Delphia loves to draw on an old Magnadoodle that our neighbor Pat gave her. Josie has a matching doodle and they can spend hours playing with them. Her is a picture she drew of our family. She forgot Josie and had to add her in on the upper right hand side.

Preschool Pilgrim

In Delphia's preschool class they made Pilgrim vests and hats to wear while they ate their Thanksgiving Feast before they were off for the holiday weekend.

Dickens Festival

We went to the Dickens Festival on Thursday for Shane's birthday. I had never been and it has been years since my mom had been. We weren't sure what to expect but let me just say, I am glad we got there soon enough and were able to get in free. It was fun to wander around and see what it was but no way would it be worth the price of admission!

These are Santa's reindeer that were outside the Father Christmas building.

We went inside so that Delphia could sit on Santas lap. The lady before me was taking pictures with her cell phone and there were no signs saying you couldn't take pictures. She sat on Santas lap and I snapped a picture and then another when one of the workers came and told me pictures weren't allowed. I told her sorry and put my camera away.

Sitting on Santas lap was an experience for Delphia and she told him she wanted a puppy. Santa handled it very gracefully and asked if a stuffed dog would work. She told him it would and away we went with a candy cane in hand.

White River 2011....Finally!

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Just trying to get caught up on my blog, as I am way behind. Here it is almost Christmas and I am posting about camping in July.

It was fun to go camping this year, although I was a tad worried taking Josie and how she would be. She was just fine however and had a ball!

Some quick highlights....
1) We actually were up the first day with everyone and left the last. It was a little to long to be camping!
2) We couldn't keep Josie out of the camp chairs and she fell out or tipped over in most of the chairs up there.
3) It rained and rained and then rained some more the last 2 1/2 days we were there.
4) Delphia had a ball with her cousins and one night they were looking for wood for the fire and all the cousins were carrying the huge branch over to the fire.
5) Delphia sang all week and her Uncle Brandon decided she was like the girl off Enchanted because she turned everything into a song.
6) Josie ate licorice ALL week!
7) Pretty much the second we got out of our van at the campsite, Delphia was asking if we could roast marshmallows!
8) It was a terrifying experince coming down the mountain, I actually rode with John and Anita most the way because it was a tad scary in our van sliding all over on wet roads. Delphia just thought that it was fun and at one point asked me why I didn't like the van and rode with Grandma and Grandpa.

Piggies and Fun

Josie's hair is finally long enough to put it into piggies! I was just so excited! I remember when Delphia liked getting her hair done, now she just wants it straight and long. Usually in the morning I tell her we are going to do her hair and she runs into the bathroom and climbs onto the stool. She is very wiggly, but she just looks so cute!

They Do The Mash!

Back in October Eagle Mountain had a Halloween Trick-or-Treat thing at Nolan Park.  We decided to go since Delphia's Dance was performing throughout the day.  Here's their little performance!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Josie has Shane's curl. Her hair is so different from Delphia's that often I'm not quite sure what to do with it. It is so cute when we put it in a rubberband and thenput gel in it and use the diffuser....

However, that only lasts until she takes a nap, rides in the car or rough houses with Delphia. The it turns into a total fuzzball wherever she rubbed agaist something.

Cotton Candy Cookies

For my birthday Lofthouse cookies e-mailed me a $2 off coupon on a package of cookies. We looked at Maceys, but even with $2 off it was more than I wanted to pay. We later went to Wal-Mart where the were like $2.97, so I got 2 packages. One of the packages had cotton candy frosting which I had wanted to try. The girls and I enjoyed a few on Conference Sunday!

Phiaism #9

On Tuesday mornin when I took Delphia to preschool, Mr Conley the ptinipal of Eagle Valley was walking around outside saying hello and good morning to everyone. He stopped and said hello to the girls and shook Josie's hand. We headed into the school and Delphia made the comment. "Boy, he's sure a nice prophet."

We have also been talking about personal prayers with Delphia and saying them with her each night. The first few nights she just repeated what we said but a couple days later she was adding in her own things. On Sunday she said the prayer over lunch and said, "And please bless that the ice cream man is not dead."

Josie Glove Girl

This morning while Delphia was at preschool I was checking my e-mail and Josie comes over and says, "Mama!" I looked at her and she showed me her hands with gloves 100 times too big and then we proceeded to have a mini photo shoot!

Josie's Halloween Bag

I just finished Josie's trick-or-treat bag to somewhat match the one Delphia has had.